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Christina Analytics

Fintech Quantitative Analysis with actionable analytics

The History

The Christina Analytics were born as part of a larger library developed for a private hedge fund operating on crypto currencies since 2017. The quantitative research developed in the original work resulted in a number of charts and trading indicators that we decided to open to a wider audience of crypto-currency trader. The quantitative model uses a mixed approach taking advantage of big-data analytics and stochastic process modelling. While the number crunching is very compuatational intensive behaind the scenes, we created an interface to the Christina Analytics that makes the model available using plain internet API


The first public model on the market that merges the power of machine learning and the flexibility of stochastic-process methods


By adding tools for the management of risk and gains in a highly volatile market, we help the trader to reduce the level of stress consistently


Objective market indicators go beyond the human subjectivity. It relieves the trader from relying only on his own intuition in understanding the market behaviour


We use cloud technology to deliver real-time scalable analytics. Delivering both an SaaS solution and on-site customizations


The code is designed and developed using the agile-software paradigm, where test-driven development allows for faster software cycles


We care about the user experince interface and how to best interact. In our phylosophy the user needs always to be in control and understand the data

Featured Charts

Multi-period market trends

Multi-period market trends

Identifies the current and historical trend on different time frames. The comparison of different trends allows the trader to implement his own strategy

  • Each period is split into linear segments. The last segment determines the latest trend
  • The model also indicates how long the trend has lasted so far
  • For each trend a score is computed to help the trader in taking the investment decision
Short-Term Risk/Gain Outlook

Short-Term Risk/Gain Outlook

It provides a view on the current market situation by computing the expected distribution of short-term returns

  • Shows the current volatility and the expected return
  • Measures risk and potential earnings with a customizable confidence intervals
  • Adapts to market conditions, the window size changes widening in relaxed markets and shorting in stressed ones

About Quant Island

Quant Island is a boutique Singapore company that specializes in creating quantitative analytics for Fintech companies. The company was founded in 2013 by Marco Marchioro with the vison to bring to Singapore and South East Asia sophisticated quantitative methods for finance. Currently Quant Island is offering its customers consulting services on the following topics:

QuantIsland is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) and is part of the Singapore Fintech Association.