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Quant Island helps venture capitalists better gauge the value of a startup before investing. Our financial analysts, engineers, and data scientists team has made specialised models that do due diligence. Minimize your risk exposure


Enjoy Peace of Mind By Monitoring The Accuracy of Your Machine Learning Models

We help you deploy your machine learning models for high-precision results. We validate models built with traditional quantitative methods and models based on machine learning. And we also test smart contract models.


Gain An Edge By Launching Your Crypto Project On The Appropriate Blockchain

We ensure our clients launch their projects on the right blockchain(s). This is done by looking at tokenomics, giving people access to quantitative vulnerabilities, and checking smart contracts. We also give professional advice on choosing the blockchain platform and making sure it is right for the project.


Generated revenue for startups, venture capitals, and businesses.

Best financial decision ever!
The Quant Island team's expertise with our quantitative AI models has been phenomenal. Our firm broke even in the first business year through its professional assessment and due diligence.
Aarav Lynn


The last step to becoming a complete minimalist
Dr Marco and his team were instrumental in our fintech project's success. We hope to work with them again soon because it was clear they knew a lot about quantitative analytics.
Miyah Miles

Director, Udu Ex

The Quant Island team is amazing
The Quant Island team guided us through the teething phase of our business. They provided us assistance through their quantitative methods and modern AI techniques. They are simply amazing, and their service is excellent
Francisco Gomes


Quant island is a big advantage to our organisation
The team at Quant Island has added a lot of value to our project by helping us grow through different stages with their world-class quantitative analytics and risk assessment software
Joel Pascua

Sales Executive

Quant island finds solutions to problems.
It's great to offer professional quantitative analysis to startups, find solutions to problems we might face, and walk with us until our dream turns into a growing business worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Eddie Huynh

Executive, Vamo

Here’s How It Works.


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Due Diligence/Quantitative Investigation

We perform a detailed, independent quantitative audit to help you better understand the financial state of your business.


Make Revenue Driving Decisions.

You will receive detailed reports on important issues that must be addressed and critical problems that must be resolved immediately.


What Is Quantitative Due Diligence?

This process is the independent and voluntary way to determine how well a company, usually a startup, is doing in terms of numbers (finances). The full name of the service is quantitative investigation done with due care.

What Are The Main Areas Of The Assessment?

1. Revision of the company's quantitative models

2. Revision of the data pipeline that transforms model inputs into outputs. This includes data cleansing, the detection of outliers, preprocessing, model training, and evaluation.

3. Evaluation of the creation or implementation of new or existing models from the prototype to the production phase.

4. Considering how market volatility affects the revenue and performance of the company. The company may perform well during bull markets but poorly during bear markets.

5. Meet with the research and development team to determine what human resources are lacking, how to improve team dynamics, and what quantitative training may benefit the group. Interview new candidates of the highest calibre for key quantitative roles.

What Are The Extra Steps For Web3/Crypto Companies?

For cryptocurrency firms, due diligence extends to tokens and/or smart contracts.

1. Evaluate tokenomics, i.e., the relationship between the company token and blockchain smart contracts, the market, and token holders

2. Specify which blockchains the token should be launched on, mirrored, or proxied on both the first and second layers.

3. Assist in optimizing the time-to-market for token operations such as direct token sales, auctions, etc.

4. Evaluate and research whether the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can add value to the company/users/investors.

5. Provide a quick quantitative evaluation of the current and expected token value when possible.

6. Assist the team in discovering and improving the token's utility to increase its value.

7. Conduct a quantitative audit of the most significant smart contracts to comprehend and estimate the potential risks and benefits. Note that this is distinct from a security audit.

8. Examine the company's ICO on both centralised and decentralised exchanges.

9. Consider novel approaches for enhancing tokenomics, such as offering to stake or quoting on an automated-market maker (in which case, which one to choose).

10. Evaluate the effect of using oracles (whether implicit or explicit) on smart contracts. Assess the quantitative vulnerabilities, such as arbitrage attacks, in which an adversary can slowly deplete a smart contract of its tokens. (It should be noted that these attacks are typically undetected by a security audit.) Investigate what catastrophic scenarios could abruptly reduce the company's value (for instance, Luna/UST had numerous vulnerabilities) and estimate their likelihood.

What Are The Proposed Areas Of Improvement?

1. Determine whether the business would benefit from additional mathematical or statistical methods.

2. Evaluate whether the employed machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques are adequate or can be enhanced in terms of cost, speed, and precision.

3. Indicate whether/how the current research/development workflow can be streamlined to improve efficiency.

4. Consider what types of additional human resources could increase the value of the business.

5. If applicable, suggest strategies for mitigating the effect of market volatility on the company's value.

What Is Excluded From The Process?

To avoid confusion, the quantitative due diligence procedure does not perform the following:

1. Financial audit.

2. Management audit.

3. A complete security audit

What Documents Are Obtained Through The Due Diligence Process?

The results of the quantitative due diligence are contained in two documents, one of which is restricted to those who requested it and the other of which is accessible to the general public.

Typically, the private report contains the complete audit details:

1. A comprehensive analysis of each of the preceding points

2. The critical problems that must be resolved immediatelyl

3. The significant but non-urgent matters that require full attention

4. Other suggestions that can enhance the value of the company The public report is typically shorter and consists of a summary of the findings, omitting specifics.

Who We are

We are a quantitative consulting firm aimed at providing quantitative-finance expertise to companies. We focus on data science in financial technology (fintech) and blockchain projects and their connection with the traditional financial world. We also cover more traditional areas, such as developing new models for pricing functions, risk analytics, and performance measurement tools.

Our Values

We are a client-first company. We provide assistance with quantitative methods, modern AI techniques, and web3 technologies.

Venture Capitalists

Before the financing round, we provide an unbiased quantitative due diligence process to assess a startup's worth. We also estimate the company's tokens. We modify both the tokenomics and the smart contracts for web3/blockchain companies.

Estabilshed companies

We offer model validation and smart contract auditing. We are in a unique position to predict the next big thing because we predicted the rise of DeFi in 2019. Additionally, we can assist with the quantitative and software aspects of setting up unique risk-management systems.


We assist eager new businesses in accelerating their growth. We assist in establishing or revising the process of creating and deploying quantitative models from the prototype stage to the production environment. We help web3 startups build smart contracts and sustainable tokenomics.

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